Brainy Badgers!

We are located on the Second Floor of the nursery. This is all one room, which incorporates 2 child sized toilets. The room is split between carpet and wet area flooring. We can cater for no more than 14 children in this room.

The Brainy Badgers is set up to incorporate continuous provision and the layout supports each child’s learning potential as well as challenging it. On arrival at the Brainy Badgers room, children are encouraged to look for their own name and choose where to hang their bags and coats and are then asked to choose their name and allocate the ‘pencil’ to sign in to show their attendance.

Planning in this room is varied. Planning can be led by child initiated activities where the child choose their own activity based on their preferences and interests, adult initiated activities where the adult chooses an activity that has developed from the previous observations and assessments on the children in the group and adult intensive activities where the adult leads the activity and supports the children but have a specific outcome in mind.

The routine is more structured in this room than any other room with designated time to carry out things like Registration, circle time etc. The routine is set out this way to enable the children to understand the types of routines that will be carried out when they go to school.

We have a large emphasis on encouraging a child to be independent with regards to putting on their own coat, going to the toilet and washing their hands after the toilet and before meals.